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Volcano Crusted Ahi Salad

4 oz of "blackened" Ahi on top of Arugula, cucumbers, rainbow radishes, shredded carrots, cabbage with maui onion vinaigrette.

Mango Cream Pie

House made mango cream pie.

Mushroom Dusted Mahi Mahi

Pan Seared, mushroom dusted Mahi Mahi over roasted vegetables. Roasted vegetables included: rotisserie squash, potato confit, maui onion and local cabbage. Topped off with a local mushroom tapenade and served with lemon beurre blanc.


Rotating Drinks

Kombucha - Earl Grey
Paradise - Grapefruit (dragon fruit coming soon!)
Tap #1 - Beer Labs -Kohada New England Hazy IPA
Tap #2 - Ola IPA
Chalk Board Special - East of Eden


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June 10th

1. Mangos should be local. Every once and a while they run out… They should be from kahumana.
2. Please Check for bird poop on the chairs and railing if you are in the outside sections.
3. New cocktail:
roku japanese gin, calamansi cordial, lime, salt, tonic

Lets all get our study on! We will be focusing on Salads this week
Peter's Caesar Dressing: Gluten free, but contains anchovies and eggs (not vegan or vegetarian)
orange ginger vinaigrette: Vegan, but contains soy (not gluten free)
miso sesame vinaigrette: Vegetarian, but contains miso paste and honey (Some Miso is gluten free. We don't role the dice on it. Some vegans do not eat honey)

June 14th: 401K Meeting from 10am. Sig up sheet is on the board.
June 19th: All employee meeting at 9:00am/ server meeting 8am


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